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About Us

Dr. Prasad's Wellness Hub, is led by Dr. Prasad M.V., a medical doctor who has ventured into entrepreneurship. He is famous in Kerala for his unique way of treating diabetes with oral glucose. Following his graduation from Kozhikode Medical College, he has worked at several government hospitals in Kerala, India. During his time serving as a medical professional in Wayanad District, Dr. Prasad drew inspiration from the healthy lifestyle practices of tribal communities. This experience sparked his early advocacy for the concept of 'healing with nature,' which he began promoting several years ago. He has studied lifestyle diseases and developed a special method to treat diabetes. This method includes using oral glucose, muscles cells activation exercise program, and reducing carbohydrate consumption by eating more vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

Dr. Prasad M.V.

He has adopted the scientifically established pathway of carbohydrate metabolism, focusing on the incretin effect. This effect involves the continuous stimulation of GIP and GLP1 incretin hormones, which leads to increased insulin release from the pancreas, an increase in beta cell mass, enhanced biosynthesis, and prevention of beta cell damage (apoptosis) [Reference]. By following this approach, unnecessary external insulin injections and excessive medication can be avoided. Through years of experience, he has refined this concept to a high degree of effectiveness in preventing and reversing diabetes within three to four months, provided that patients adhere to the method correctly and systematically.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Prasad has adapted his treatment program to be accessible online, allowing patients to follow the program from the comfort of their homes. Through digital platforms, people from anywhere in the world can access his teachings, consultations, exercise programs, and reviews, regardless of time zones or personal commitments.

Our primary focus is on

Overall Wellness

Healthy Aging

Prevention and Reversal of Diabetes

To expand their services globally, Dr. Prasad has reorganized the management and registered a private limited company called
M/s. D-HEAAL Associates Pvt. Ltd. 

Dr. Prasad's Wellness Hub has a community of satisfied clients who regularly participate in exercise programs and the Healthy Aging Program. They have a dedicated team of professionals, including doctors, dietitians, nutrition experts, Ayurvedic doctors, and yoga and fitness experts, who support clients undergoing treatment and those following their programs.

Our Vision:

To transform the lives of millions of people worldwide by promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases.

Our Mission:

To educate and support people in developing healthy habits, preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases, and helping senior citizens enjoy healthy aging and be the change agent for creating a healthy India by 2030.

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