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Reversal of Lifestyle Diseases

Diabetes Reversal Program

Diabetes can be reversed only if the 3 root causes are rectified: insulin resistance, lazy and sleeping beta cells and the reduced blood flow to pancreas due to blocks in the pancreatic artery.

Insulin resistance (IR) and the chance for complications can be reduced by our muscle specific, counted, tailor made exercises for different individuals along with planned, well learned diet control, without any restrictions and with lot of vegetables, fruits and sweets.

The sleeping pancreatic beta cells can be aroused with ‘Incretin effect’, with the stimulation of GIP (Ref. Incretins) with oral direct glucose – but in a titred, judicial dosage as per our advice only. The quantity will be different for different persons. Here is our never ever recorded alternating insulin glucagon release is the basement stone.

To increase the blood flow to the pancreas, we should try to reduce the size of the blocks caused by accumulation of LDL cholesterol (plaque regression). If you learn our theory well, then only you can achieve the goal. Learn theory well before going for practice. Then you will understand what our treatment is.

Unlock a Healthier Future:

We offer an online program which helps you learn about the science behind reversing diabetes and provide invaluable practice techniques under the expert guidance of Dr. Prasad. Enroll in Dr. Prasad's Diabetes Reversal Program, available in three languages: English, Hindi, and Malayalam. 

Diabetes Remission

Cholesterol Reversal Program

You should learn the science of cholesterol metabolism before you aim for correction of dyslipidemia. Only if you known, what is LDL, VLDL, HDL, TGL, TOTAL CHOLESTEROL etc, you can achieve the goal. Following our method of alternating insulin and glucagon release from the beta cells and alpha cells of pancreas respectively, along with upliftment of pancreas, lot of fat (TGL) will be burned out from the skeletal muscles, which will be eventually reduce body fat (obesity), fatty liver and chance for plaque regression will be opened up.

In our practice we learn that majority of the patients with dyslipidemia (like in cholesterol), raised SGOT and SGPT and altered liver function will come back to normal within two or three months.

Obesity should be reduce gradually only so that it will not rebounded drastic reduction in body weight will lead to several other problems. We will guide you to achieve the goal gradually and will be much easier to maintain at a desired level as you wish and which is better for you. Other problems linked with hormone imbalances like PCOD, impotence, frigidity, infertility, sterility etc. will be bettered gradually only and for them certain extra adjustments should be there as needed. That will be planned as conveyed personally as required.

Hypertension (BP) will require more time period as the plaques (blocks) in the blood vessels should be regressed and which is a time consuming process and there’s no meaning in hurrying.

So, for different ailments different tailor made packages will be set and for multiple issues, planned blending of diet control, oral glucose, perfect quantity of medicines and exercises will be planned.

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